Getting Distracted

At 1:30 this afternoon I intended to write a watchOS App for Drive Player. It’s now 11:30 and I haven’t even opened Xcode since.

I wanted to document writing the watchOS App. I thought before that I should outline what Drive Player is and how it came to be. So I started that blog post. In doing that I made a number of changes to by blog workflow and repo:

  • The staging server now serves up draft posts so I can see what they would look like before publishing
  • The Cloudflare cache is now purged after deployment
  • Changed the post archetype so I can use page bundles to group content together and name my .md files with the name of the post instead of which makes them easier to distinguish in the recent document list
  • Added some CSS magic to make images float left, float right or be centred
  • Wrote a Shortcut to create a new Blog Post on iPad using Working Copy
  • Got a writing workflow I’m relatively happy with on iPad (still need to work out what do about previewing images while I’m writing a post)

Even in writing this blog post I got distracted and wrote another shortcut that takes in URLs and creates Markdown links. Made putting this post together a bit easier.

So now there’s two blog posts and no watchOS App. But at least when I do start writing the app I’ll be able to document it more easily on this blog.